Hi there!

We’re a collective of technologists with varied experiences going back to when the web began. We have one thing in common – we’re always questioning the status quo and continuously experimenting and learning. We believe there’s always a better way, and want to work with businesses in crafting superior experiences for their customers, through more research, better design and cloud technologies.

What we do

We Build Marketplaces

Marketplaces have been around for thousands of years. The basic premise of a marketplace is to bring lots of suppliers together with lots of customers for lots of different products and services to be sold in one location. The reason it works is that there are always niches to exploit, unmet needs to be uncovered and for experimentation.

In an era where most of the money is being made by marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Uber, AirB&B and the like, we want to help entrepreneurs and corporates to quickly build and monetise their marketplaces through a sequence of MVPs and a quick build process.

We Craft Experiences

Experience means different things to different people. The guiding principles behind it are to make things that much easier for you and your customers. We do this through a list of simple activities that when combined together, create a set of results far greater than the sum of its parts.

For you, it may be validating whether your customers are who you think they are, and whether you’re meeting their needs. For your customers, it may mean validating what gets displayed, where and when, and simplifying how they interact with you.

While we are technologists, we are mature enough to know that design and emotions are still the primary drivers of how people use, or don’t use technology. So let us help you get it right.

We Understand Cloud

Despite what the nerds tell you, Cloud is NOT just a term for someone else’s computer. Cloud is not a product or even a service – it’s a Philosophy! Removing the pain of infrastructure management is step 1. Step 2 is redesigning your system architecture to make it open through APIs, and Step 3 is then connecting the dots to deliver those seamless experiences.

We Make Technology Work for You

Technology is not the challenge; it’s what you do with it, and how it’s presented to customers. That’s where we can help by making things better.

Who we are

Shantnu Kumar

Shantnu has been working with Technology and Financial Services organisations for over 20 years. He started as a software engineer and moved  into Project and Product Management, and Consulting roles. Shantnu’s recent work includes crafting Strategies and managing Experience Delivery teams from start-ups to Challenger Banks.

His vision with RefreshCX is to help customers get to market quickly by using commonly available web-platforms and building resilient mash-ups where any part can be independently changed without everything failing, unlike the traditional brittle corporate IT ecosystems.

J. Moses Ventura

Moses has been a software developer for almost a decade with extensive experience in developing web applications. His loves finding different ways to integrating new and legacy technologies to solve complex problems without compromising the existing investments in systems and infrastructure. Before joining RefreshCX, Moses was part of Arcadier Marketplace’s core development team.

Eloisa Alcantara

Eloise has been a developer for over 20 years and has experience ranging from Not-for-Profits to global banks.

Rachel Villamin

Rachel has been a developer for almost 20 years and has always been on the bleeding edge of technology. While her recent projects have been with some of the big global and local banks, she has years of experience with Start-ups in the US, S.E. Asia and Australia. Rachel has the uncanny ability to visualise how emerging technologies can be deployed to solve complex business problems.